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    2020 Vision

    As I prayed and looked back on the last few months and considered some things I feel the Lord has been bring me to, I realized what my word was going to be. I was actually reading a book I got for my birthday and the word felt like it jumped off the page. I knew then that it was my word.

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    What’s the Word?

    Two years ago I decided to pray the week from Christmas to New Year’s Day to see what word the Lord would give me. Two years ago my word was “rest” it was a year I needed to recover and press into the Lord. I didn’t feel to many grand feelings from considering that word but it was a blessed reminder when I started to get angsty.

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    Christmas Eve Box Tradition

    For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; Phillippians 3:20 Teaser Alert*** I am so excited to share a guest blog I did for the Healing Home’s holiday series. The Christmas holiday is one of the most difficult holidays to keep a proper perspective on and guide our children to that perspective as well. Because of that, my husband and I didn’t want to create traditions that fed our flesh, but instead we wanted to set up traditions that would point our children to Christ and help them refocus their eyes back onto their Savior.  Out of this desire…

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    No Hiding, Be Hidden

    “Don’t look at me, mama!” This is my toddler’s new favorite phase.  He says it when he has made a poor choice or is being sneaky. As my little stinker lay under a chair hiding from his hand washing, I couldn’t help but think about how I do this. We ALL do this. At one point, or another, we secretly hope God’s promise to always be near us is not true. We want to ignore it and only cling to it when we are in trouble. …the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you. Deuteronomy 31:6 We categorize God’s promises into seasons – this one for when…

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    Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

    Men! They are so hard to buy for, am I right? I have tried various different gifts for my husband over the years and I feel like I just haven’t hit home. To be honest, we aren’t big on giving each other gifts anyways so it’s kind of okay. We would rather save our money and go out on a nice date! But, that doesn’t get me off the hook with holiday gift buying! We are always together with my in-laws and so we like to bring gifts for the kids and adults for Christmas. I have found two big winners when it comes to gifts for my father-in-law and…

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    I have recently been discussing the conversation of inclusion and exclusion with a few friends which led me to share why exclusion hurts me personally the way it does. I have felt left out or not a part of most social situations. And this feeling stems from hurt in my childhood. I have to discovered the source of this pain and hurt feelings by being introspective. It is easy to be hurt or have reactive feelings towards situations, and just let them hurt us. I believe it is important to pause when we feel that and ask the Lord to reveal to us the source of the emotion. If you…

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    Book Review: God Met Me Here

    I had the privilege to pre-read a wonderful book this past month. It was a compilation of stories written by men and women of God who shared a common theme – God meeting them despite adverse circumstances. It was published by Kingdom Publishing and comes out this month (November 2019).  (This article contains affiliate links) I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect other than stories of God moving in big ways in a variety of people’s lives. I love books like this that point us back to God and how He can be trusted to meet us where we are. God comes to us no matter if  we are stuck…

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    Living ALL-IN for Others

    Living with a deep and rich commitment to God means that we express that by being deeply and richly committed to his people! It means valuing what (and to whom) we commit to. We live in a day in age where we are encouraged to 'do you' and invest mercilessly in self-care. But where is the push to be devoted to one another?