Let’s Get Salty!

How about 2020, what a year! Am I right? We were hoping 2021 would bring some 2019, but I think we are all seeing that isn’t going to be the case. I have been considering how to encapsulate what 2020 taught me into a tiny package.

This morning I felt like I got what I was looking for, it’s so simple you won’t even have to sit down to get it. Be salt and light.

Back when I taught high school history I remember a specific lesson where I taught my students about the spice trades of the east. We talked about foods without salt and how without spice our meals are so bland. The spice trades were about so much more, but imagine how the merchants realized what people were willing to pay for spices to add incredible flavors to their foods. Spices also masked the flavor of foods that weren’t fresh or going bad.

Salt is a staple in the kitchen because it greatly enhances the tastes of foods. It also preserves foods and that is how many of our ancestors preserved meats and other foods for winter storage.

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

Matthew 5:13

Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 5 that they are the salt of the earth. Salt can be used medically to keep bacteria at bay and fight infections. Followers of Jesus are to be used by God to keep evil at bay. We are to be the push back for evil taking root in the lives of our loved ones and our world.

Can I ask you…what are you doing to keep Satan from gaining ground in your community or even your *cringe* home? Trust me, I am asking myself this very question!

Jesus calls us to be active in pushing back against evil in our homes and communities. That means seeking to do good to those around us. As well as, serving our neighbors, church family, and friends. It means stepping out of comfort zones and stepping into obedience! Let’s get salty, shall we?

Light is also another characteristic of a Christ follower. Have you ever been somewhere really, really dark? I mean really dark? I have. As a part of a home school adventure my mom and some friends took my siblings and I caving. It was real deal, crawling through super tight spaces and being lifted over under ground rivers of frigid water, caving! I remember that we got to this massive opening where we all stopped to rest. We took drinks of water and sat down to admire God’s incredible creation. Our friend, who was also our guide, told everyone to sit still and turn off their flash lights. Lights out, and it was absolutely, terrifyingly dark. I have never experienced something so wild in my life. I remember trying to see my hand in front of my face – literally nothing, just palpable darkness. It was truly impossible to see any light. One of the adults shared with us this very passage about being salt and light and how needed light is our world.

Almost all plants won’t grow without light. Light also is used to kill bacteria. Have you ever seen a vulture sunning himself with his wings spread wide? They do that to kill off any bacteria on their feathers from eating dead and usually rotten meat.

We can be a light in our community in two ways –

  1. we can point to the Way, Jesus, to those who are blind in their sin and do not know Him
  2. we can encourage spiritual grow in those around us who are followers of Jesus

2020 taught me the truth behind some pretty horrific norms in our society. It taught me that evil is pressing in for a win. I knew at the end of 2019 that 2020 would look more like rest and learning. (I even wrote about it here.) I had no idea (NO IDEA) that I would be sitting at home most of the year. In that time I read books I wouldn’t have usually had time for and I learned a lot about how evil is ever so slightly slipping into churches, homes, and the hearts of all people. I learned the importance of apologetics, knowing theology, and properly interpretation of scripture. I pressed into topics that I didn’t know about, and weighed what society and media was pushing against the bible. I learned about the oppression of others and what counterfeit hope looks like. I explored the progressive Christianity movement that is robbing people, believers and unbelievers, of solid biblical truths. I saw in essence, how man is making god’s in their own images.

I asked the Lord to show me how to apply what 2020 taught me. I asked him how what was learned in 2020 would impact 2021 and beyond. He responded with “salt and light”.

If you don’t think this world is getting more and more evil, then I am sorry but you are grossly deceived. Politicians, leaders, influencers, big secret Intel movements, etc etc will not bring peace and hope to anyone. We know how this ends and it will not look pretty until Christ returns. Decay is unending. And we are in a state of decay until Christ comes and makes ALL THINGS NEW.

So, what does 2021 look like for me? I am going to sprinkling on that salty, salty biblical truth and shining my light strong for those around me. Let us point the way to Truth in a time where the devil wants truth to be relative. Let us shine bright in a world that loves the darkness. 2020 taught us that unless we are willing to be bold in sharing truth and pointing the world to Jesus more and more people will walk themselves straight into Satan’s traps of deceit and counterfeit gospels. The truth is, we will walk ourselves into those very same traps without a laser focus on Heaven and the inerrant word of God.

What has 2020 taught you? Will you share in the comments? Do you know someone who needs to be encouraged to live boldly for Jesus? Please copy that link and share away! You can also pin this or share directly to Facebook by using the tab on the left side of the page!

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