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The Trustworthy Father

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I am a doubter. I am a skeptic. My lack of trust was a learned experience from the moment I was born. I wasn’t in the plan for my parents. And neither was their relationship. They met through a work partnership and found themselves in a non-committed relationship. I was conceived and the struggle to keep an unplanned baby was very real. But God, he had a plan and I was in it. My mother kept me despite all the challenges that would come with that decision. 

Trust wasn’t something I did well. Let’s be honest it’s not some thing I do well. I still struggle with trust. But there is one to whom trusting is easy. That is my King, my Abba, my Savior.

Growing up I knew Jesus. I was raised, at my mom’s, in the church. Our church was very strict and legalistic. Adding to my trust issues as I watched people act one way at home and another way on Sunday mornings. It never felt authentic, even at a young age, I saw that. Our church was loosely connected to a Bible camp and every summer I begged to go. It was always a no. Until one summer I had the opportunity to earn my way to camp through a church scholarship. After months of hard work, my parents decided I could go….

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