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Valentine’s Day – Kid’s Edition

I love Valentine’s Day, can I be honest? I know the haters out there say it is a terrible day based on consumerism, and they aren’t wrong but I still love it. I loved it when I was single and while I have been married, but I love it the most now that my kids are not babies!

Why should we shy away from an opportunity to show love? It is a day designed to help us refocus and remember others! It becomes heartbreak when our focus is on ourselves. Kid’s are awesome though, they don’t have the drama behind the day that teens and adults do. They are purely in it for spreading the love! Let’s learn from them and capitalize on an opportunity to show them some big love!

There are a hundred fun ideas on Pinterest for this day! You can jump over here and see my Pinterest board for ALL things Valentine’s Day! Some times it feels overwhelming to do ‘all the things’ for little holidays so it can be easier to pick a tradition you can count on and plan for. Here is what I like to do for my kids…

Easy Valentine’s Day Traditions

{1} We have a yummy pancake breakfast with all the fun toppings!

{2} On the breakfast table my kids will find a XL felt envelope with some goodies and a card that I made for them. It is simple stuff from the dollar spot and maybe a treat. I actually like that they are somewhat small envelopes because then I can remember to keep it simple and I don’t over buy. Maybe when they are bigger I can add a gift card or something but for now it’s just little toys and treats.

{3} Maybe you have heard of this idea but I like to put little paper hearts with things that I love about my kids on their doors. If you are really on top of it, it is fun to add one each night of February. Adaptations: a heart on the door from February 1-14th. Or, you could just do several on their door the night before Valentine’s Day.

{4} Some years we have also made cards and delivered them to nursing homes. They LOVE that! If we can’t do that we try to think of a way to share love as a group – maybe we buy coffee for the car behind us in line or take home made cards to dad at work. Big or small we try to do something together to spread the love received.

There done. Simple. My kids were reminded that they are loved specifically and uniquely. And it cost less that $20. Skip the treats in the envelopes and it is almost free.

I love how when we look at Jesus in the gospels we see how He loved specifically and He took time. He knew how long He would be here and yet He didn’t rush through His days (from what we can gather from Scripture). Let this Valentine’s day be a challenge to slow down and love each of those around you in a meaningful way.

Comment and share your ideas on engaging with your kids at Valentine’s Day!

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