Valentine’s Day – Friend’s Edition

Did you know you can celebrate your adult friends on Valentine’s Day? I know crazy right? It seems like a holiday for kid’s and lovers. BUT what if we changed that stigma and just chose to spread love everywhere? I think a lot of friends would be totally surprised if you choose to remind them that they are loved this Valentine’s Day!

Take a second and consider your friends. Each one has a unique need or struggle, we all do. Maybe you can’t do something on a grand scale for everyone in your life. I am exhausted just thinking about that, but we could do something small. Here is my list on ways to celebrate friends on Valentine’s Day. This list is in order of cheap Valentine’s Day ideas to more complex ideas.

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate friends on Valentine’s Day!

{1} Send a handmade or purchased cards. I personally, don’t love spending money on commercial Valentine’s stuff but in a pinch it’s worth the time saved.

{2} Did you know that you can EMAIL Starbucks gift cards? True story and I love it! It is such an easy and cheap way to say “I love you”! I have sent one to friend’s struggling and I have sent them to my kid’s sunday school teachers to say thank you! Just get on your Starbucks app and click ‘gift’! Boom! Valentine’s Day gift and a quick ‘treat yo’ self’ done! I send a $5 gift card and they can get a treat when they want!

{3} Make time to grab coffee or lunch with a friend and catch up if you haven’t recently. Loving people with our time is one of the most sacred acts of friendship. Some of my most refreshing moments have been with my friends chatting over a good meal or hot cup of coffee!

{4} If you really feel like going all out, plan a “Galentine Day” party! This could be wine and snacks or brunch! To be honest, I am not this organized but I do know that some people are very fulfilled and love to throw fun parties. If that is you, then what is stopping you from throwing a Valentine’s Day party for your friends? It could be a small gathering or a large event – let your life season dictate what you can do this year!

Whatever you choose to do this year remember why we love…

We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it can be something. Some times the most simple act have the biggest impact. How can you sprinkle love this Valentine’s Day?

Do you have kiddos in your life? Check out how we LOVE to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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