2020 Vision

In my last post I discussed how I love to pray about a word that will walk with me through a new year. Last year my word was motion. I don’t believe this is a prophetic word, just a theme that I carry with me. I pray about what the next year holds and I reflect on the themes I feel propelled towards. 2018 was a year of rest and stillness, I felt that so much. 2019 was a year of motion, not over doing but movement. That was a fun one! I was out of the baby stage fog and able to finally move and think! I read so much and got to use my brain! I even started this blog and feel that is a big step towards more motion in my future!

As I prayed and looked back on the last few months and considered some things I feel the Lord has been bring me to, I realized what my word was going to be. I was actually reading a book I got for my birthday and the word felt like it jumped off the page. I knew then that it was my word.

Now you might be wondering two things:

{1} What is the word?? Well, the word is proximity.

Proximity: the state of being proximate; Closeness

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

{2} What book was she read? Oh my gosh, I am so glad you asked because I can’t wait to share! The book was Separated by the Border: A Birth Mother, a Foster Mother, and a Migrant Child’s 3,000 mile Journey This book is so inspiring and I can’t wait to review it for you! I heard the author speak on a podcast I enjoy listening to and I knew I had to get my hands on her book!

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The past few months I have been feeling a need to press into hard topics that I haven’t ever fully considered. To empathize with those who are feeling deep and unspeakable hurts – here and abroad. I know that the only way I can do that is by the power of God. I need to more and more press into Him, in order to understand the hurts around me. I pray that in this new decade we are all compelled to empathize and stand up for the needs around us. May we be willing to lay down our preconceived notions of people groups, cultures, and social justice issues to see with His eyes and not our own! It is SO easy to have opinions and prejudices when we are looking on from afar, but those opinions are empty when we draw near to people and social issues. When we begin to study with fresh eyes our opinions change. When we desire to align with how God wants us to see things our vision is 20/20. This is an act of surrender. This is an act of humility. I want that for not only me but I feel I owe this to my kids, whom I disciple.

I hope to train my self to study those around me – my husband, children, neighbors, etc. I want to not hold people at arms length but be inviting and a safe haven with listening ears. I want to not just be in the world focused on myself but willing to understand all people. I live with my family but I want to draw closer to see and celebrate each unique part of them. When we do this we are loving like Jesus who loves us and desires an intimate relationship with us. He wasn’t just there physically, Jesus was ALL IN. He noticed those who weren’t being noticed and He acknowledged big hurts with ease. Let’s draw near and see people this year!

Proximity shatters assumption.

Rachel Joy

I feel this need stirring in my heart and I pray that I am not alone! May 2020 be a year where we lay down our desires and view the world as our Savior does! May compassion and grace abound! Happy New Year!!


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