What’s the Word?

About 5 years ago I realized everyone was picking a ‘word of the year’. Ew! Weird! ← my exact first thoughts. Why do people do this and what is the actual benefit?

I think some people pick a word to be trendy and that’s fine. Millions more are picking New Year’s Resolutions they won’t keep. Can I get an amen? I am usually among the millions so I can say that. Some others are actually spending  time and serious thought on their word and I wondered how that could change them.

Two years ago I decided to pray the week from Christmas to New Year’s Day to see what word the Lord would give me. Two years ago my word was “rest” it was a year I needed to recover and press into the Lord. I didn’t feel to many grand feelings from considering that word but it was a blessed reminder when I started to get angsty. 

This last year though (2019), the word I got was “motion”. I thought that was a weird word but I kept praying and I felt like God was asking me to “press on” to “DO” – not in an exhausting, over committed way but in a forward motion type way. I had no idea (obviously) what the year would hold but I can tell you it held a lot of motion. I got to read and listen to audiobooks like crazy and finished almost 30!! My mind and my spiritual walk were so blessed by that. I love learning and growing and I got to do that this year! I spent time in God’s word learning from the New Testament and the Old Testament about WHO GOD IS! I approached scripture differently and it was soul feeding! 

This year I also launched this blog (raise those hands – wahoo)! I was literally terrified to do it but I did and I love it! I am learning to give what I can and trust God the whole way. I have some inclination as to what next years word is… but you have to wait for that! 

2019 also gave me the strength and energy to look outside my own home and love and serve others. I got the opportunity to do it with my kids in many ways too, and that was life giving.  I think I will look back on this year for a long time with fondness. It wasn’t easy and I felt a lot of loneliness in it but I know that God ordained each day and that ability to have forward motion was a gift from HIM!

Now you tell me… Do you pick a word for the year? What was your word for 2019 and have you picked one for 2020?

What if instead of picking our word you stopped and listened to the Holy Spirit? Press into Him and ask for the gift of a word to cling to this coming year! Comment here or pop over to Instagram and share your words with me!

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