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Book Review: God Met Me Here

I had the privilege to pre-read a wonderful book this past month. It was a compilation of stories written by men and women of God who shared a common theme – God meeting them despite adverse circumstances. It was published by Kingdom Publishing and comes out this month (November 2019). 

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I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect other than stories of God moving in big ways in a variety of people’s lives. I love books like this that point us back to God and how He can be trusted to meet us where we are. God comes to us no matter if  we are stuck in drug abuse, selfish living, or any number of scenarios. Just like He said to scared ol’ Zacchaeus, “Come down, for today I am eating at your house (Luke 19:5).” God beckons us to himself and walks the difficult roads with us because He is our loving Father. He isn’t afraid to enter into our shame, hurt, or dysfunction. How different would the world look if we followed that example.

As I read each account of how God met someone just where they were, I couldn’t help but celebrate God’s mercy and love. I find it so important in this journey as believers in God to take time to not only share our stories but listen to those of others. When we pause to look back, like the stones of remembrance that the Israelite’s left, we can worship God in a fuller way.

God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

Romans 5:8

I think one of my favorite stories from God Met Me Here was from a lady named, Felisa B. Jack. She shares about her life of disappointments and then a struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Her story was powerful to me because her obedience to the voice of God gave her immediate healing from her addicts and power over them. She quotes,

“In that moment, God opened my eyes, overshadowed me with His love, and delivered me instantly from crack…Instantly. Sounds impossible, right? Well, “with God ALL things are possible.” (Matt.19:26)” 

We miss SO much when we are unwilling to acknowledge God’s movement and power in our lives! I am so blessed to share this beautiful book with you. I hope you will be equally blessed when you read it! Praise the Lord for the ways He has met each and everyone of us, even when we didn’t realize it!

You can get more information here on Kingdom Publishers website.

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