Woman’s Christmas Wish List

I love giving gifts! I usually think of a theme for the Christmas season but other times I just grab random things for people. This year though I am planning to gift books! I am so excited to share some of my favorite finds and hopefully give you some inspiration!

Gift giving is hard but I think the practice is meant to be one that brings joy to the giver and receiver! It is easy to get overwhelmed during the busyness of the holidays but when we stop and remember that it is all a symbol of what the Father God has given us, it becomes easier to turn a duty into an act of worship!

You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God. 2 Corinthians 9:11 esv

May your giving this year grow your gratitude for ALL that the Father has given you – from the next breath you will take to the new life in you because of our salvation!

This year my theme is books!! I am getting everyone in our family and our extended family a book or devotional to grow their relationship with the Lord! I am also hoping to make soap for everyone. I used to make soap with my mom and think about it all of the time. I love the process and the transformation. True cold-press soap is made from the chemical transformation that happens when lye and water mix. A super harsh chemical becomes a dangerous concoction when mixed with silly o’ water. But then, it cures and becomes the thing we use to cleanse our bodies and keep friends around. I love the thought of how that all interacts and becomes something beautiful and necessary. Anyways, that is a side note… maybe I should write a post on that once I have it finished!

And so, with no further ado … My top Christmas gift picks for the Christian woman in our life… or maybe you need to add these to your wish list!

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Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

+ New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

This is a beautiful and hardy devotional. It is rich and has sweet depth for each day of the year. If you haven’t something from PDT you are missing out!! His book Parenting is fantastic!

+ Songs of Praise by Tim Keller

If you are a Tim Keller fan you already know you want this one! If not, they let me tell you why you want it! Kelly is great at packing a lot into a single paragraph! His devotions are all centered around Psalms. He walks us through Psalms in a year and even though the devotions are small, they are meaty. It gives you a lot to meditate on. I would maybe not suggest this for a new believer as it can be a little wordy but maybe a great suggestion for a long time believer in a busy season of life.

+ Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Ugh! I cannot recommend this more! I love all things Wilkin because she always brings it back to God and points us straight past herself and on to the Perfecter of her faith! This book is a small and easy read but essential for all women of the faith to read! It answers the questions of WHY do we read our Bibles and HOW do we study it! I have shared about this book in a few posts so I am so sorry if you’re sick of hearing about it!

+ Free of Me by Sharon Hodde Miller

Free of Me has been a book that was tossed in my lap out of nowhere! I was bored and I didn’t want to wait time on FB or Netflix so I popped on RightNow Media and browsed the woman’s study sections until this study showed up and I thought it looked interesting. I turned on what turned out to be a 10 minute introduction video and I knew right then I had to have the book. Miller is honest, funny and 100% genuine! She tells it like it is and doesn’t try to fluff feather. In her book, Free of Me, she discusses how we need to rid ourselves of self-focus and recenter our eyes on Jesus. I have read this book twice this year and I know others who have read it several times too. Ladies, we need to hear this message! Miller’s second books Nice is also out and an equally important message on how we need to stop being nice! Niceness is not a characteristic of Jesus, but kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, etc are His characteristics! These two books could be construed by the recipient as a ill-timed hint, so proceed with caution! LOL!

+ The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

This book is how I started my year! It set the tone for a lot of introspection and a desire to SEE others. I listened to this book on audible and to say I did a lot of cleaning in those two weeks was an understatement – I could not stop listening! Butterfield is an incredible author and her message is one we all need. She shares why it is important to love our neighbors and how they take that command as a daily act of surrender.

Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Ones by Amber Lia

This book is a home hitter for all parents in the middle of those crazy years with little ones! I have four kids and my oldest is 8. I proudly flaunted that I was “not a yeller”. Go ahead and laugh… I am. I said those judgmental and pride-filled words when I only had an easy-going toddler and a newborn. My newborn was not an easy one but I still had the energy to hold it together… enter child three and then four and bye-bye to all self-control. I turned into a yeller and I HATED it. Triggers is a great book for any mom of young kids who wants to recenter and find peace in parenting again. It is written as a 30 day devotional but doesn’t have to be read that way.

+ Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

This is a random addition I am sure but I wanted to include a few novels that I loved this last year. I was encouraged to read this as it was the choice for my book club this year. I will say I picked it up a little begrudgingly but then I just couldn’t put it down. Our world needs a few more Anne’s, less chaos and a little more imagination. I loved rereading this novel and I hope to finish the series.

I hope this list gives you a few encouraging ideas for gifts this year! I have some times felt weird about giving books because you never know what the receiver might think your ‘hidden message’ is in giving that particular book so I think this is where a lovely handwritten note comes in perfectly. You get the opportunity to share how and why this book blessed you and what you hope it does for them!

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