Living ALL-IN for Others

Are we all in this together?

I am sure we have all heard the story of the little boy who put his chubby little finger in the side of a leaking dike in Holland. Amsterdam is notorious for its ancient dikes that were designed by engineering genius to keep the sea from swallowing up its residents! This child was trained to see something and respond to the need. He could have seen the leak on the side of that giant dike and said any number things to excuse himself from having responsibility in solving this problem. What if he saw the leak and continued on to meet up with friends without telling anyone?

I am inspired by this sweet boy’s commitment to his city and people. He wasn’t seeking his own but looking out for what was best for all.

Do we love at that same level of commitment? Do we see needs in others and remain steadfast in loving and serving sacrificially?

Being a committed member of the Church means our eyes are always open to giving and receiving love. Did you catch that receiving is also our responsibility. Sometimes we aren’t in a season where we are capable of giving; in these seasons we receive love and service with grace.

In my opinion, I believe our value of commitment is a turning our gaze off of ourselves and looking to Christ for the bigger picture. Do I see my time and gifting as something for myself? Or, do I live with open hands ready to offer back to God all He has given me?

How does this all-in level of commitment work on a day to day basis? It is found in being a woman/man of our word. Did my friend ask to meet up and I said yes on Friday but now that it’s Sunday night I just want to chill in my pj’s, even though I know she has been in a tough parenting season and needs a night out? What about when we commit to going to a birthday party or celebration to someone’s face but in actuality we have zero intention of going because really we couldn’t care less?

Living with a deep and rich commitment to God means that we express that by being deeply and richly committed to his people! It means valuing what (and to whom) we commit to. We live in a day in age where we are encouraged to ‘do you’ and invest mercilessly in self-care. But where is the push to be devoted to one another?

Living with a deep and rich commitment to God means that we express that by being deeply and richly committed to his people!

An older lady once said sadly, “your generation is just waiting for the next best thing. People answer in a ‘maybe’ because really they want to see how they are feeling or if something better comes along that day.”

She is 100% correct! It feels great being on the side of making that choice but what about the friend or family member who we left hanging? What about the mom who worked tirelessly on the birthday party I didn’t feel like going to so I skipped? How much did my non-committal attitude cost her? I didn’t care about what she cared about and I didn’t value the investment she made on my behalf.

A youth at our church once said, “I cannot pursue God while fleeing His people.” Boom!! Did I want to stand up and clap at that moment? YES!! He was spot on. We cannot be committed to Christ and live wishy-washy in our commitment to His Bride.

“I cannot pursue God while fleeing His people.”


It comes down to being too busy and self-focused. I have been guilt of this so many times and I will undoubtedly be guilty of it in the future. But what do I do with my today?

Take Aways…

Lazy Commitment, Leads to Lazy Commitment

+ Being lazy in our commitment to God’s people is a way we short-change ourselves. We miss out on the sweetness of loving others and making them feel heard, seen, and valued! We also aren’t nearly as committed to our relationship with God when we are loving people out of convenience not sacrifice.

Not All Seasons Are Strong Seasons

+ Some seasons aren’t as strong as others. Please, don’t walk away from this message feeling like you are immensely overwhelmed. Take that to Jesus – ask and listen to discover if this is a season for you to GIVE or RECEIVE. Whatever season you are in work on grace – the grace to give and the grace to receive. There as been long seasons where I have had nothing to offer anyone but the minions waking me up for breakfast. And in those seasons I have had to accept that I can’t do it without surrendering to Jesus – all the while learning to be a gracious recipient of love and service.

Jesus Never Said it was Okay to Say Maybe

Know your limitations. You do have obligations and requests for your time BUT you can be a diligent curator of your calendar and respectfully decline from events or obligations that you can not fit in. And if you say YES then don’t wait for a better opportunity. We need to be people of our word. We taint our testimony when we are non-committal and self-focused with our time. Jesus didn’t make ‘maybe statements’ He said ‘I will’ and He does! We can follow that pattern of love by being all-in for our neighbors/church body/family/friends!

So, just like that little boy who sacrificed it all to hold his pudgy little hand in the dike we need to be fully devoted to our ‘people’! When we see a need that we can meet – jump in! When we see a lonely person – see them! When we see a struggling individual – listen closely! You have a unique and desired gifting. Don’t let your love for others be used up on those in your immediate sights – pray for the eyes to see those who need you to hold them up in prayer, bring them meals, or watch their kids. Some times the smallest act of sacrifice will make the biggest impact on someone’s broken heart or spirit.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

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  • Rachel Mayew

    I am working on setting margin around the blessings in my life and it’s trickier than I anticipated! It always comes back to weighing out each commitment and following through on my word. I love how you summarize it all with the verse from Galatians!

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