The Breakaway…

Sometimes you just have to do it or forget about it. So, here I am because forgetting about it just wasn’t happening. I have been wondering about a blog for a long time. I thought it would be fun, then realized it was a lot of work and decided not to do it. But it just kept coming back and tapping me on the shoulder. Then I thought it would be awkward to post and have actual friends read it, but again I was challenged to let go of those thoughts and do it. 

The purpose of my blog is to hopefully encourage you and bring a richness to your brokenness. To become a member of your tribe and a fellow traveler on this journey of life. I have wandered many paths in life and envision a lot more to come. I’ve been lonely, rejected, and empty. But I have also been filled with joy, peace, and abundance. Life is a mess, but God is the same always and forever. To live in the light of His mighty love for us is empowering and life-giving. My prayer is that you feel that through this blog. That your life is enriched, and your heart is filled with a deep gratitude for the love the Lord has for you. I hope you will follow along and let’s see where this path takes us… Are you with me?

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